Permits & Requests

Citywide Permit Issuance

Please note that handicap parking and citizen traffic requests will be handled via email only. Transportation permits and encroachment permits are submitted via eTRAKiT 

Accessible Curb Ramp Request

Richmond residents can request an accessible curb ramp upgrade by submitting the Accessible Curb Ramp Request Form to the Engineering Department for review.
The City has limited funds and cannot immediately respond to all requests or make all pedestrian routes fully accessible. Removal of barriers along streets has to be prioritized. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Curb Ramp Upgrade Program constructs and retrofits ramps based on the priority criteria determined by the ADA Transition Plan. These criteria include requests by persons with disabilities seeking full and equal access; routes that serve public entities, including State and local government offices and facilities; transportation corridors; places of public accommodation; employment centers; and walkways serving other areas. The City also anticipates upgrading curb ramps in coordination with public works projects and the City’s Pavement Rehabilitation Program.

Citizen Traffic Request

The Engineering Service Department Traffic Division handles traffic safety issues including the report of hazardous or unsafe conditions, requests for traffic control, traffic signal safety issues, and parking zones assignment or new parking requests in the City’s right-of-way. If you have a traffic concern, please submit the Citizen Traffic Request Form to the Engineering Department for review. All color curb parking requests require a $420.00 fee for the engineering investigation. The fee on this type of request, whether approved or not, is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Encroachment Permit

Encroachment permits are now submitted via COR Connect webpage: 
Click on "Apply for New Application"

Any work performed within the public right-of-way requires an Encroachment Permit. The public right-of-way is generally defined as areas of the roadway and the sidewalk between the property lines measured from one side of the street to the property lines on the other side of the street. Please refer to the Encroachment Permit Application Guidelines for more information about what type of work might require an encroachment permit.

A $527 fee will be collected at the time of submission of your Encroachment Permit Application Form. This fee includes up to 2 hours of field inspection. In addition, the applicant will be required to submit an additional $500 or 25% of the job valuation (whichever is greater) as a bond if the work involves removal and replacement of the existing pavement. The City will refund the bond after the City Inspector certifies that the work is completed in accordance with the conditions of the permit, which are on the second page of the application.

Sidewalk, Driveway Approach, Curb/Gutter Permit (Concrete)

Any work performed on the sidewalk, driveway approach or curb and gutter requires the submittal of an Encroachment Permit. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of this area. Please refer to Richmond Municipal Code 12.36 and Ordinance No. 14-00 for details. 
The Encroachment Permit application along with approved site plan must be submitted to the Engineering Division for processing and fee assessment. 
For further details please refer to the specifications for Sidewalk, Curb/Gutter, and Driveway on the Standard Plans page.

Land Development Application Form

The Engineering Department manages the application and inspection of Land Development projects and processes the application for Tract/Parcel Map Check and Grading Permits. Use the Land Development Application Form, the Pre-Application Submittal Checklist, and the Grading Permit Checklist to start the application process and to review fee information.

Oversized/Over Weight Load Permit

Transportation permits are now submitted via COR Connect webpage: 
Click on "Apply for New Application"
The turnaround approval time for single trip, oversized vehicle and annual permit on Transportation invoices is three business days from the online application submission date. 
An Oversized/Overweight Load Permit is required for any person wishing to provide the service of moving extralegal vehicles or loads over Public Streets. Commonly these types of moves are of construction and building equipment, industrial equipment, farming equipment, house moves, etc. The cost for this permit is $16. Please complete a City of Richmond Transportation Permit Application and upload it via eTRAKiT. Please call the number listed below for information on the complete process of your application.

Click here to see a map of Richmond truck routes

If you have questions regarding any of the permits listed above, please contact our office 510-307-8091.